Our impressive inventory includes everything from construction site units to flushable restrooms! Big or small, we’ll help you find a solution to fit your restroom needs!

Standard Restroom

The standard restroom unit is the most popular and versatile restroom in our inventory. The standard unit is commonly used for large outdoor events, household parties, and construction sites. It comes equipped with all the basic amenities such as a hand sanitizer dispenser and tissue paper!

Flushable Restroom

If you’re looking for a more functional restroom, something with a little more bling and flair, then the flushable restroom unit is perfect for you! From the outside, the flushable unit will look exactly like the standard unit but on the inside, it’s full of more luxurious amenities! These portable restroom beauties feature freshwater sinks as well as hand soap and paper towel dispensers! And the most attractive feature? The toilet is flushable! Both the sink and the toilet are operated by conveniently placed foot pedals so your guests don’t even have to touch the interior to flush or wash their hands!

Handicap Accessible Restroom

The handicap accessible unit is the perfect unit for anyone with physical challenges or mobility impairment. The inside of the unit has more than 16 square feet of room, making it easier to access with a wheelchair, walker or other medical mobility device. All 3 interior walls come with handrails ensuring the restroom can be used as easily and safely as possible.

Trailer Mounted Restroom

The trailer mounted unit is the optimal choice for contractors that need a movable restroom option. The contractor can simply hitch the trailer with the unit onto one of his own trucks and move it to his next site. Then just let our representative know where what address we can change the weekly cleanings to! Yes, it’s that easy!

Sling Mounted Restroom

The sling mounted unit is a standard unit with a galvanized steel sling on the outside. This is the ideal unit for high-rise construction projects.

Half Moon Restroom

The half moon unit is the optimal portable restroom for high-rise construction sites, especially ones with freight elevators! It is designed with wheels to make maneuvering around the unit into the elevator much easier. It also has the option to be easily lifted by cranes if the site does not have an elevator available.

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We had a great experience with Noah’s Ark Portable Toilets. They had great customer service. The toilets were clean and were serviced on time. Our runners were very pleased and we look forward to working with Noah’s Ark again next year.
– K. Legones

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